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Needle Epılatıon
MD Clinic Needle Epılatıon

Needle Epilation is a technical which is applied for many years for depilation. It can be applied to every kind of depilation and also because of common use of laser epilation it is used for slim, light-colored or white hair depilation. Results are permanent in needle epilation because of the direct burning effect to hair root and hair shaft.


In needle epilation, the technical of application is very important. Very low current is applied to the hair root with a sterilized needle. After this process, in successful application hair will come easily when it is pulled. In application area blush, crest and crusting may be occurring.

Needle epilation is a skillful application.

In this method, low current is applied to the hair root with a slim and soft needle. Thus with a destruction of hair roots permanent solution is supplied. Session number is determined according to rejuvenation time, type, color and density of feather.

Needles must be sterilized and single-use only. Needle is hold parallel and put into hair root and current will applied.
Before taking needle back the current will cut, if hair root is destroyed hair will come easily. Protuberance and blush may be seen in skin. Despite working very carefully blush is normal.

Get a 100% result from application is not possible. Because every hair is not in active fertility period. The hairs in active fertility period are easier to destroy.

This application cannot be applied to patients who have varicosis, have cardiac pacemaker, and are pregnant, diabetic, active infection, cancer, psora, vitiligo, AIDS, frengi.


In the next 24 hours after operation it is recommended to not use perfumes, deodorants that can ruin skin. After epilation skin should not be ruin with hot water and rubbing with a bath-glove. Application area can be cleaned with warm water and soap. For not to have infection, it is recommended to put some antibiotic cream or pomade into application area.