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Focused Ultrasound
MD Clinic Focused Ultrasound

Ultraformer is a new type of non-invasive technology using HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) that can offer and alternative treatment option to invasive face lifting and tightening procedure. Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening becomes more and more popular treatment in aesthetic medicine today worldwide.

Ultraformer treatment is based on hyperthermia Lifting Theory. The transducer irradiates 65~75 C? of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy, then creates thermal coagulation on the target layers of skin tissue with no damage on the skin surface at all.
Following the initial treatment, the skin starts to undergo wound healing process that stimulates collagen synthesis and regeneration. The formation of new collagen provides longer-term tightening on the skin. Patients’ facial contours and fine wrinkles show competent improvement after 4 weeks of treatment. Additional skin firming and tightening is seen over the next 2~3 months after the treatment.

Advantages of using ULTRAFORMER

  • Nonsurgical face lifting and skin tightening

  • Distinctive visible efficacy with no downtime in both immediate and 2month post result

  • Fast transducer with convenient dual Handpiece

  • Accurate treatment by depth distribution based slim cartridge

  • Stabilized energy with effective parameters

  • Adjustable pitch and length, no need various cartridges

  • Safe and comfortable noninvasive procedure

  • Economical consumables with high ROI

  • Used by physicians worldwide in approximately 50 countries 

  • Ultraformer is a non-invasive cosmetic medical treatment that uses focused ultrasound for lifting the loose skin on face and neck without a surgery of cutting or disrupting the skin surface.