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MD Clinic Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is a safe and painless but powerful alternative to surgery and other invasive methods to losing weight, that can achieve rapid results. It is excellent for toning muscles, tightening skin, post-surgical healing, relieving muscular pain, and weight loss. The electronic stimulation tones and firms abdominals, legs and arms, while breaking up fat.

Many other benefits of electrotherapy include improved circulation, elimination of toxins, and increased metabolism. It also helps to relieve muscle soreness; it drastically reduces muscle soreness by speeding up the repair of muscle fibers, and it removes lactic acid. It is a very safe treatment, and is not invasive or painful.

It is possible to burn up to 1500 calories during a single 60 minute session.

The electrodes that are placed on your body transmit computer controlled waveforms that stimulate your selected muscle groups. As this presses a huge demand of energy on your muscles, surrounding fat will be burned for energy. The fat cells are also agitated by the stimulation, leading to release of toxins and reduction in cellulite.

The electronic stimulation tightens your muscles for body sculpting, an excellent non-invasive alternative to surgical and laser treatments. It stimulates lymphatic drainage which helps eliminate toxins, excess fluids, and puffiness, while increasing circulation and metabolism.

It is safe to use on any area of the body where fat builds up or skin loses elasticity (breasts, arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, waist and double chin) so it helps in the reduction of fat, weight, cellulite, and inches.

Re-sculpting is one of the biggest advantages of electrotherapy. With other methods of losing weight, such as dieting, the weight loss is much slower, and weight is usually lost from areas that are not a problem, areas you may not even want to reduce, such as the face, shoulders and breast. Therefore, body sculpting treatments with electrotherapy gives you the advantage, where slimming occurs in the targeted body areas.

Toning is another great advantage. Through electrical stimulation of the muscles, the effect obtained tightens the skin, helps the skin tone, and improves circulation, and this therefore improves physical appearance. This treatment can benefit those with a flabby skin type. It is important to note, however, that epileptics, pregnant women, and people with heart problems or heart palpitations are advised not to use this form of weight loss treatment.

Electrotherapy for weight loss is a treatment that can be done while relaxing or reading a book, a painless non-invasive method of gaining an improved toned body and reshaped figure without the hassle of visiting the gym and the pain and stress of heavy exercising.