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Acupuncture; is a treatment method based on the stimulation of the body's self-healing powers. According to Chinese traditions and beliefs; two universal forces called "Yin - Yang" and the principle of the interaction of these two forces can be kept in balance allow the continuation of life. The presence of these two opposing forces in the universe is an inseparable two poles of existence. And "Balance" can be achieved through this two poles. When the balance of these two opposing forces found in people's body is broken, diseases occur.

Any energy imbalance that occurs in the human body can be corrected through the interventions made by needles. Increasing the energy flow, reducing excess pressure, the removal of barriers that prevent the flow of energy is provided with needles dipped in acupuncture treatment points. As a result of this treatment method is based on the principle “Correction of Energy Flow”.

Areas in which we give the name of the acupuncture point are found in the subcutaneous or intramuscular spaces. All the studies conducted recently have shown that these regions have a different electrical potential than other skin areas. On the other hand, at this point we can say that there is more receivers of nerve cells. Yet many acupuncture points are distributed according to the nerve region (dermatom). Therefore, these regions hit upon the motor neuron plates of muscles. This means that when we stimulate the acupuncture points with needles or other methods, both stimulation of nerves in that area, as well as stimulation of the brain by moving these warnings to the central nervous system(brain) occur. And the brain responding to the same extent provides the secretion of certain substances(beta-endorphin, serotonin, bradykinin etc). Thus they activate to the discomfort relieving mechanism.

Beta-endorphin relieves the pain 50 times more than morphine synthetic analgesic that we use in medicine. It also prevents the transmission of the pain to the centers that senses pain located above. So we are actually treat the body without the use of any drug through acupuncture treatment to itself again.


Back, neck, hands, ears and other parts of the body are used in acupuncture treatment. Hands, feet and ears are the limbs where the most alert point for many diseases. Signals be able to reach all parts of the organism are transmitted with warnings made through needles into specific acupuncture points on the human body. The communication reaches from the cells that make up the acupuncture points to the nerve terminals of the local cellular alert and finally to brain. Brain delivers the stimulant to the necessary organs. Thus, energy balance in the relevant organs and limbs improve. Therefore, diseases would be eliminated.


Laser is a light. It can be said that concentrated stuation of the light we knew. Laser is used instead of a needle according to the preference of the patient or sometimes in the treatment of some diseases. Warning is given with laser to the point to be stimulated by dipping needle. Also it is an alternative to the needle in the treatment of children.


It is used through special apparatus or over the needle in the painful cases, the weight loss and all acupuncture applications.

Frequently asked questions(F.A.Q’s)


No. Many people are too startled to mention the needle; but generally, patients are surprised to feel that needle little after the treatment in spite of all those concerned. Acupuncture needles are very thin and no pain is felt when applied to a good technique.


No. Externally not given any drug or substance. Only has an effect through the body's own hormones and enzymes and neural communication. Others say the body can create side effects by stimulating in this way. However, there is no case known and published in the medical literaure.


One session is 20 minutes. Sessions vary depending on the condition of the patient and disease. Performed 2 times per week. After 1 month is applied 1 time per week.


Acupuncture is used more to treat diseases all over the world although it is known that it is made for mostly “weight loss” in our country. Acupuncture treatment can be grouped under three headings:

* Habits Treatment (obesity, smoking, ...)

* Depression and Anxiety Disorder Treatment: Today is one of the the healthiest treatment that reduces stress.

* Pain Treatment: Migraine, headache, neck, back, lower back pain.

Diseases (diseases in the list published by the World Health Organization)

Acupuncture has been accepted in 1976 as a modern practice of medicine by the World Health Organization. Acupuncture began in Gazi University in 2001. Acupuncture is now accepted as a scientific method of treatment in many universities in our country and acupuncture polyclinics opened officially in some universities and began to serve(Gazi University Medical Faculty).


* Gazi University Medical Faculty

* Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty

* Çapa Medical Faculty

* Atatürk University

* Fırat University

* Adnan Menderes University

* Başkent University

* Yeditepe University

* Sütçü İmam University

* Marmara University

* Yüzüncü Yıl University

* Ümraniye Training Hospital